The welding robot equipment brand TOKINARC supports the industries around the world.

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TEL +81-53-485-5252

Tokin, the provider of welding torches, tips, robot torches,
environmental equipment manufacture/sales, and optical parts sales

Company Introduction

President's Message


With continuous research development and earnest manufacturing,our goal is to bea global company that customerts trust.

We have built half a century of history as a professional manufacturer of arc welding torches.We owe it to users of arc welding around the world in fields of automobiles,shipbuilding,steel frames,railroad vehicles,and construction equipments. We shall hold on to our global perspective and continue working on developing technologies for superior arc welding torches and robotic systems.Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement.

President&CEO Keiji Kanamori

Business Philosophy

Work on the technological development of advanced welding torches and robotic system peripheral equipment, thus contributing to industrial development.

Create products with highest quality recognized and trusted by the markets around the world.

Apply sound and progressive management practices to create a robust financial foundation and develop business.

Maintain a feeling of gratitude, draw great encouragement from working diligently on the company's business, and realize the happiness of the employees.