The welding robot equipment brand TOKINARC supports the industries around the world.

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TEL +81-53-485-5252

Tokin, the provider of welding torches, tips, robot torches,
environmental equipment manufacture/sales, and optical parts sales

Company Features

What kind of company is Tokin?

Company Business Description

・ Development & manufacture of welding torches  
・ Design & development of robotic welding peripheral equipment
・ Setup & fabrication of welding fume collection systems  
・ Sales of laser & plasma parts

We are a creative engineering company, a manufacturer of "welding torches" and "robotic welding peripheral equipment" that support the technologies for welding metals, which are required in all industries. Our products are sold not only in Japan, but around the world as well. The TokinArc brand products are used in automotive, electronic, steelmaking, and shipbuilding industries around the world. Welding, which supports all industries, including automotive, steelmaking, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, atomic energy, and space exploration, undergoes changes in its needs depending on environmental and stylistic requirements. Our products are offered in a multitude of variations in order to provide our customers with unique products that are well-suited to their use environments.