The welding robot equipment brand TOKINARC supports the industries around the world.

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TEL +81-53-485-5252

Tokin, the provider of welding torches, tips, robot torches,
environmental equipment manufacture/sales, and optical parts sales

New Information  

Company Features


We provide TokinArc products for welding products bearing our prorpietary brand name to users in Japan and around the world. Employing the latest technologies amassed over the years, we consistently engage in the planning, development, and manufacture of our products in-house. Furthermore, we provide approximately 40% of welding torch products in Japan.

Applicable Industries


As a manufacturer of arc welders, robots, and laser equipment, we provide our products to our customers in Japan and around the world. The TokinArc brand products are being used in the world's automotive, electronic, steel, and shipbuilding industries.

Product Information


Our latest laser, robot, and arc welding technologies support all industries. We respond to the needs of the times to ensure harmony between man and technological innovations.

Catalog Downloads


TokinArc product catalogs, in pdf format, are available for downloading.

Company Introduction


We are a leading company of welding robot equipment, and provide latest technology products to the world.

Employment Information


We are seeking youthful manpower to blaze a new trail for the new generation. We look forward to your applications.