The welding robot equipment brand TOKINARC supports the industries around the world.

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TEL +81-53-485-5252

Tokin, the provider of welding torches, tips, robot torches,
environmental equipment manufacture/sales, and optical parts sales

Employment Information

Employment Information [new graduate] [mid-career]

Employment Information
Number of Persons Hiring as Needed
Qualifications Those expected to graduate from a college, junior college, engineering, or professional school in March 2018.
Those who have already graduated, are returning to the workforce, or have studied abroad, are also welcome.
Those interested in robotic technology, welding technology, overseas business, and English language.
Job Description
  1. Technological development of welding robot equipment and automation system.
  2. Production technology (development of production equipment, etc.).
  3. Sales (sales work with distributors and automobile manufacturers).
  4. Sales Planning (product planning, exhibits, catalogs, website creation, etc.).
  5. Overseas Sales (U.S.A., Southeast Asia, Europe, China)
  6. Trade (English)
  7. General Affairs, Human Resources, Accounting, Finance, Sourcing, and Data Processing.
Education All Majors Are Welcome
  1. Science and Technology Department (mechanical, electric, electronic, welding, etc.)
  2. Humanities, Science and Technology Department (business-level English)
  3. Trade, foreign language (English)
Allowances Meal allowance, family allowance, commuting allowance, etc.
Bonuses Twice yearly (July, December)
Pay Increase Once yearly
Work Hours 8:20 to 17:15
Holidays/Vacations 2 holidays per week, summer vacation, and year-end and new year holidays (128 holidays per year)
Work Location Hamamatsu Technological Park
Okubo-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Japan

Selection Method

Selection Method
  1. Candidates are selected as needed
  2. Interview, thesis, aptitude test
  3. Informal decision
Submission Documents Resume, school transcript, prospective graduation letter, health report
Selection Criteria To be determined by the applicant's basic scholastic ability and personal interview.

For questions concerning employment, contact

General Affairs Manager: Mr.Suzuki
TEL: +81-53-485-5252 (staff direct)